Homes 121 Specifications

Home 121 is located at prime location with complete solution of residential project. It is the project on which we emphasis most as people are eagerly waiting to get their dream place. Firm completed the project with extra efforts to give specific features. Like:

  • Spacious parking area
  • Security checks such as CCTV , security guard and barricade
  • Apartments are two room and three room sets
  • Rooms are spacious and well designed to attain modern standard
  • Walls are beautifully decorated and painted with oil bound paint to avoid
  • Ceramic tiles are spread all over the floor to enhance the beauty of
  • Kitchen is well structured with proper selves and dish
  • Toilet and Balcony are design with anti-ceramic tiles to avoid blackness and slippery
  • Enjoy the natural beauty by sitting in the spacious lawn

No doubt Home 121 is ultimate place to live with beauty and bliss ambiance. Green environment and transport connectivity are the alluring features for customer. A Talented group try it best to offer the best place with affordable price.